136 Herring Rd, Macquarie Park

Reality is Big

University is a time to have your vision of the world explode; to be amazed at the vastness of the universe and the intricacies of biology, uncover the predicability and randomness of human behaviour, and thrill with the power and beauty of words. But have you wondered where God fits into all this?

You were made for Wonder

Love Matters

Love transforms music from mere sound into something that raises us out of ourselves. Love takes knowledge and uses it to transform a community. Love takes words and makes them ring down centuries. We are at our best when we love.

We were made for each other

Truth is Shared

University is a community of people dedicated to learning together. We share the truth and wonder of this awesome world through friendships and partnerships that make us so much more than we can ever be alone. But Uni is also a place where you can come and share in the truth that holds all the worlds and loves together.

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It all hangs together in Jesus. God has shared the truth about himself with us by sending his son. By dying for the sake of love, Jesus restores our broken relationship with God. Jesus proves that love matters and that authentic relationships are at the core of being human. That’s why Trinity Chapel is all about following Jesus.

Trinity Chapel is a community of people meeting on the edge of the Macquarie Uni Campus and working out what following Jesus means right here!