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A church isn’t a building. It’s a community of people who take responsibility for each other because we’ve been united by Jesus. Following Jesus is a community project. That’s why at Trinity Chapel we gather together throughout the week to hear the Bible taught, to share each others lives, to pray for the things we need,  and to seek to serve our local community in practical ways.

We’d love to get to know you more and help you, whether you’re looking for a new church to join or just visiting for the day. Trinity Chapel has two gatherings on Sunday: the evening church is where most local Uni students and young grads attend; the morning church is an international community of people from around Sydney and the world.

Residential Colleges:

Leaving home and moving into campus accommodation is a massive adventure. You meet amazing new friends and have some wild experiences. But it can also be really challenging to live an authentic Christian life around people who don’t share your love for Jesus. It’s really important to connect up with other Christians who can help you to grow in knowing God and staying strong in living for him.

The Sunday evening gathering at Trinity Chapel is made up of students, grads, and workers who are all seeking to love our community and live as witnesses to Jesus. We also run Gospel Community Groups in the Macquarie University Residential Colleges. We have groups specifically for First Year Students (so you can meet others in your year) and groups for Later Year Students (so you can go deeper together). If you’re living on campus, come and join us!

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International Students:

Macquarie University and the Macquarie Park Business District are global centres of learning and technology and our Sunday morning gathering is an international church. If you are living in Australia and would like to make friends and learn more about God, then come on Sunday morning at 10am. Every week people join our community from all over the world. You will find someone that you can connect with and who will help you feel at home.


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Gospel Community Groups:

Church is about so much more than showing up on Sunday. God has made us to glorify him in every part of our lives and he is most glorified when we love him and love what he loves. Gospel Community Groups help us to keep living deeper with God and each other. Each group has 3 core values:

1. Enrich our knowledge and love of God through studying the Bible: We’re convinced that God made us to know him and our Gospel Community Groups are great opportunities for conversation about God’s word. We spend time reading a passage together and then bouncing around our questions about what it means and best thoughts about how to live it out. As we do this, God works through our conversations to help us put down deep roots in the streams of living water that come from Jesus. We are on the path towards real life.

2. Encourage each other to respond to God’s word in prayer because we’re not strong enough to live for God on our own. We also seek to care and carry other when we’re struggling and keep pointing each other to the goodness of God and the hope we have in him.

3. Evangelise our friends and neighbours so that the reach of the gospel might extend into our community and God be glorified everywhere as people come and have life in Jesus.

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