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Our Staff

Dan Anderson

Staff-DanI’m married to Emma and we have two kids, Nat and Evie. Emma and I met while studying in Canberra at the Australian National University. Emma became a Christian while a member of a residential College there, after a big argument about environmental conservation we fell in love. We’re still in love… and still arguing about stuff.

A major part of my life has been spent hanging around Universities. I love the idea of being part of a community of people dedicated to seeking out the truth together. For me, Uni was the place in which I began to move beyond my childish understanding of God, and to listen instead for God’s revelation of himself. This wasn’t a matter of eating dodgy pizza and meditating in a cave. I began to encounter God’s word in the text of the Bible, and through the text of the Bible, to encounter God’s word in the flesh of a man, Jesus.

I’m the Senior Pastor for Trinity Chapel and a chaplain to Robert Menzies College (an residential college at Macquarie Uni established by the Anglican church of Sydney) and  the Anglican Chaplain to Macquarie University. I’m also studying a PhD part-time at Macquarie Uni exploring the ethics of forgiveness in political contexts.

I love seeking to understand the ideas that shape our encounter with each other, with the created world, and fundamentally, with God. I love exploring, whether that’s driving through the countryside, snorkelling, or reading books.  I would love to go into Space. Ultimately, though, I desire to see ‘every thought taken captive for Christ’ – both in myself and in others. What better place to begin than among students at University!

Tim Mildenhall

Staff-TimTim Mildenhall is the Senior Associate Pastor at Trinity Chapel as well as a chaplain in Robert Menzies College. Tim and Kathy and their four kids moved from Broome in outback Australia to join our community in 2015; prior to joining Trinity Chapel, Tim was Senior Minister of the Anglican Church in Broome, and Anglican Archdeacon of the Kimberley. Tim has been a Campus Director with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) and is currently a member of the Anglican Church of Australia General Synod Standing Committee.