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Our Staff

Dan Anderson

Staff-DanI’m married to Emma and we have two kids, Nat and Evie. Emma and I met while studying in Canberra at the Australian National University. Emma became a Christian while a member of a residential College there, after a big argument about environmental conservation we fell in love. We’re still in love… and still arguing about stuff.

A major part of my life has been spent hanging around Universities. I love the idea of being part of a community of people dedicated to seeking out the truth together. For me, Uni was the place in which I began to move beyond my childish understanding of God, and to listen instead for God’s revelation of himself. This wasn’t a matter of eating dodgy pizza and meditating in a cave. I began to encounter God’s word in the text of the Bible, and through the text of the Bible, to encounter God’s word in the flesh of a man, Jesus.

I’m the Senior Pastor for Trinity Chapel and a chaplain to Robert Menzies College (an residential college at Macquarie Uni established by the Anglican church of Sydney) and  the Anglican Chaplain to Macquarie University. I’m also studying a PhD at Macquarie Uni exploring the ethics of forgiveness in political contexts. I’m on research leave for the duration of 2018, but I’ll be back on deck for 2019.

I love seeking to understand the ideas that shape our encounter with each other, with the created world, and fundamentally, with God. I love exploring, whether that’s driving through the countryside, snorkelling, or reading books.  I would love to go into Space. Ultimately, though, I desire to see ‘every thought taken captive for Christ’ – both in myself and in others. What better place to begin than among students at University!

Tim Mildenhall

Staff-TimTim Mildenhall is the 2018 Acting Senior Pastor at Trinity Chapel as well as a chaplain in Robert Menzies College. Tim and Kathy and their four kids moved from Broome in outback Australia to join our community in 2015; prior to joining Trinity Chapel, Tim was Senior Minister of the Anglican Church in Broome, and Anglican Archdeacon of the Kimberley. Tim has been a Campus Director with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) and is currently a member of the Anglican Church of Australia General Synod Standing Committee.

Alex Macdonald

Alex is the PM Associate pastor in 2018. He is married to Katie (Family Ministry Worker), and spends half of his week working from Trinity Chapel. The other half is filled up with research and teaching work at Macquarie and other universities. In his undergraduate and Masters degrees he majored in Ancient History and early Christianity. Alex got connected with Trinity Chapel through the Christian Union on campus and has lived as a student in Robert Menzies College.

Katie Macdonald

Katie works one day a week leading our Family ministries. She is married to Alex (Associate Pastor), and proud owner of Humphrey B. Mouse. Katie moved to Trinity Chapel when she took a student leadership role at Robert Menzies college. After being involved with Kids church at TCM, Katie took two years off from her Education degree to do a traineeship at the church and earn a double diploma in children’s ministry. She is now finishing her teaching course at Macquarie.

Judy Shumack

Judy is married to Richard, and works part-time at trinity chapel as our cross-cultural outreach worker. She is involved especially with the AM congregation and our community outreach ministries. In addition to her work at Trinity Chapel, Judy teaches English for Living classes for International Students.



Ian Chung

Ian is the Trinity Chapel administrator, taking care of all sorts of tech/media jobs and other admin. He and his wife May are members at another church.