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Trinity Weekend 17

Trinity Weekend 2017

31st March – 2nd April: The Blue Mountains are beautiful in Autumn and we’re heading away together for a weekend that will set up the rest of the year. We’ll be listening to challenging talks from the Bible that will change how you think. And of course, there will be lots of free time to enjoy making new friends. Katoomba-Three-Sisters We think this time away together will be really important for making church deeper and richer each week. Because it matters so much that we’ll do whatever it takes for you to come. If you can’t afford the cost (or can only afford to pay part), let Dan or Tim know and we’ll organise sponsorship.

Our Speaker for Trinity Weekend 2017 is Simon Flinders

Simon is husband to Tamara and father to three girls- Gemma (12), Lily (9), and Charlotte (6).  They live in Northbridge in the northern suburbs of Sydney where Simon is the Senior Pastor of St Mark’s Anglican Church where he has been serving
since 2010.  He is also the chaplain to the NSW cricket team.  Simon is passionate about the ministry of the word and prayer in local churches.  He loves Jesus above all else, even his family, and is working hard to model that way of life to his children.  He also loves the joys of friendship, good food, well-written books and poems, sport (especially cricket), and board games.  The theme of the “fear of the Lord” in the Bible is one that has intrigued Simon for a long time and which he has thought a lot more about over the past few years.  This weekend Simon is excited to show us what he has discovered about fearing God in the pages of His precious word.

Simon will be giving talks on the theme: The Fear of the Lord

  • Talk 1. When Fear Means Fear (2 Samuel 6:1-23)
  • Talk 2. When Fear Means Fearlessness (Matthew 10:26-31)
  • Talk 3. When Fear Means Glory (Revelation 14:1-20)

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Cost is $160 adults | $100 kids | $450 families.

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