University is a time to have your vision of the world explode; to be amazed at the vastness of the universe and the intricacies of biology, uncover the predicability and randomness of human behaviour, and thrill with the power and beauty of words. But thousands of people at Macquarie University are going through life without knowing the God who made all this and made them for himself.

That’s why Trinity Chapel has a mission to be:

Making disciples of Christ in increasing numbers from Macquarie University for the world

We value being a community because we believe that life is best when it’s lived with others, and that the truth is something to be shared. We see these things in the life and death of Jesus for us. Uni is a place where God is building us into a community where we can be so much more than we could ever be alone.

That’s why as a community we value:

Lives transformed by knowing God: seen in prayerful dependence, radical generosity, and love for God’s mission.

Persuading people to accept and live out the gospel

Preaching that deepens our knowledge and transforms our lives.

Gospel Revealing Community that is hospitable and diverse

Spiritually Intentional Friendships: deliberately using our friendships with each other to encourage each other in following Christ.

Equipping and sending each other to serve as leaders in God’s global mission

As we do these things our vision is to become a church that is: 

Evangelising the University: saying and showing the gospel to the students of Robert Menzies College, and the wider residential student population, and the entire Macquarie University community to see them trained as disciples of Jesus, and to raise up Christian leaders for the church and the world.

Evangelising the World: saying and showing the gospel to international students to bring them to faith in Christ and equip them to return home as mature believers who will make and mature disciples in their countries of origin.

University Focussed, Universally Welcoming: saying and showing the gospel as a church of gospel-honouring diversity by bringing together people of many different identities as one family who are followers of Christ and obedient to his word.

Increasingly Effective : saying and showing the gospel as a church that is growing in passion and skill in serving God and through this growing in numbers of people reached, members joining us, leaders raised up, and people sent out so that our community will hear the gospel in a compelling way through us.

Reality is big, love matters, truth is shared.

It all hangs together in Jesus. God has shared the truth about himself with us by sending his son. By dying for the sake of love, Jesus restores our broken relationship with God. Jesus proves that love matters and that authentic relationships are at the core of being human. That’s why Trinity Chapel is all about following Jesus.